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Are you an entrepreneur or the owner of a business that relies on innovation to grow?

There are few commercial innovations that do not attract some form of intellectual property. If there is something innovative about or within your business that sets it apart from your competitors, then it is likely that there is some form of intellectual property. Identifying it might not only enable you to protect that element of your business, but it could also add value to your company. But it can only do that if you know it is there…

As a first step, we offer an initial consultation. This is free of charge and with no obligation to go any further. In this consultation we’ll take the time to get to know your business a little, and what elements set it apart from your competitors.


We will look at what intellectual property you already have, and whether that is registered intellectual property such as patents, designs and trade marks, or unregistered intellectual property, such as copyright, which arises automatically as soon as something is created or recorded. We’ll try to map those rights to your commercial activity and goals, so that we can then identify the gaps and best advise on what actions could be taken to fortify or supplement the protection that might already be there. This is all done with a view to strengthening your market position.

Perhaps you already have an IP rich business, but have difficulty keeping track of escalating costs. You may benefit from a full review to see if the process (and costs) could be streamlined and, at the very least, be made easier to understand and track.


We can help you put processes in place to manage all of your IP and keep costs at a manageable (and predictable) level. This will not only help you in your budgeting and forecasting, but also ensure that you understand where each item of IP fits within your business. It will also shine on a light on the importance and value of protecting the things that set you apart from your competitors.

Maybe you think your business could offer a broader or more comprehensive service to your own clients if you had a deeper knowledge of either IP generally or a specific aspect of it? We could offer a bespoke training package, developed and delivered by a qualified teacher, that will provide you with precisely the training you want, tailored to your own business and its goals.


For example, you may be an accountant working with clients who claim (or want to claim) R&D tax credits or Patent Box relief. It may be beneficial for you to gain a better understanding of what types of things might be patentable so that you can actively help your clients seek out potentially patentable aspects of their business.


Whatever your business need in terms of intellectual property, we like to start with what your commercial goals are and then work back from there. This means we are able to offer you a highly personal service that is carefully mapped to your own business aspirations.