Other IP Rights

Aside from Patents and Registered designs, there are, of course, many other IP rights and intangible assets that exist within, or can be created for, an innovative business.

Other IP Rights

Trade Marks

Trade marks, both registered and unregistered, are used as a so-called ‘badge of origin’ by a business to identify their products and services. They can be anything from a word or phrase, to a logo, icon or other visual ‘badge’ that ensures that your customers recognise your product or service and know that a product or service comes from your company.


Much innovative effort, as well as financial (and often emotional) investment goes into creating and developing a brand, and wherever there is innovative input, there is almost always intellectual property.  We can advise on ‘hidden’, as well as the more obvious intellectual property, and provide guidance on how best to protect it so as to preserve your brand and its reputation in the market.

IP Audit

Other rights and intangible assets include things like unregistered design right, copyright (including copyright in software code), database rights, semiconductor topography rights, know-how, trade secrets and confidential information.


All of these rights arise automatically as soon as something relevant is created or recorded, but they are still property rights owned by your company and can be hugely valuable. However, they are only valuable if you a) know they exist, b) can properly define or capture what is protected, and c) have the proper processes in place to preserve and protect these rights.


We offer a tailored IP Audit service that can help you to identify and capture all of the Intellectual Property in your business. We can then help you to map those rights to the associated aspects of the business, so that their full (potential) value can be appreciated and the necessary steps taken to ensure that their value is preserved and protected going forward.


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