IP Strategy and Management

IP Strategy

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you aware of all the unregistered IP rights that already exist within your business? It would be very unusual for a business to have none at all.  But it can’t add value to, or help to grow your business if you don’t know it’s there.


An IP Audit can offer a snapshot of all of the IP (and potential IP) within your business. It can help you to map that IP to the key USPs of your business and establish what rights are more valuable than others. It can also provide you with some important guidance on how best to protect those rights into the future and as your business evolves.

Whether it’s a trade secret or a patentable invention, confidentiality can be a crucial part of your IP strategy.

Strategic use of registered IP, such as patents, designs and trademarks, can protect your USPs to give you the competitive advantage to grow your business or attract investment.  But as your business evolves, some registered IP may become less important, or even obsolete.  Do you need all of the registered IP you started out with?  Are the important parts of your business properly protected? We can help you to manage your existing portfolio of registered IP in a strategic and commercially-focused way, so that it evolves as your business evolves.

We take the time to get to know your business, so that we can help you to make decisions on progressing, maintaining and enforcing your IP.  Our IP management service offers transparency and predictability, so that you can keep a check on costs and ensure that your IP budget is being spent on the right things.

This applies to even a small part of the product and has the potential to offset, and even by far outweigh, the cost of obtaining a patent.  So if a product or service is expected to yield large profits, it may be worth trying to patent at least some (possibly small) part of it so that you can take advantage of the Patent Box tax relief.

Whether you need to borrow against the value of your IP, secure grant funding or attract investment, the right IP strategy can help, whereas a weak or non-existent IP strategy can be detrimental.  We can help you to ensure that you have the best possible IP strategy in place.

If you are looking to protect your innovation, gain some control over escalating and
unpredictable IP costs, or reassess how you manage your IP as your business grows,
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